MetalStream Tokens

MetalStream Gold (MSGLD) tokens are ERC-20 and T-REX standards compliant security tokens backed by bullion held with certified and independent custodians

Gold as an Investment

Investors have long recognised the benefits of investing in gold. Over time gold have been shown to improve portfolio risk-adjusted returns, offering diversification, inflation protection and an element of smoothing across economic cycles.

commodity, investment & consumer good

Gold is a raw material used in the production of manufactured goods, but is also both an investment and a consumer good, with diverse supply and demand dynamics. Gold deserves to be seen as a differentiated asset as they have historically benefited from six key characteristics.

  1. Delivers better long-term, risk-adjusted returns
  2. A more effective diversifier
  3. Outperforms in low inflation periods
  4. Lower volatility
  5. A proven store of value
  6. Highly liquid
Gold is highly prized for use in jewelry and other consumer goods

Positive Returns During Growth & Risk periods

Gold has little or no correlation with many other assets, including commodities, during times of economic volatility and risk. Like other commodities, gold is positively correlated to stocks during periods of economic growth when equity markets tend to rise. However, gold is negatively correlated with other assets during risk-off periods, protecting investors against tail risks and other events that can have a significant negative impact on capital or wealth – a protection not always present in other commodities.

This reflects gold’s dual nature as both a consumer good and an investment. When economic conditions are benign, expenditure tends to increase on items such as jewellery or technological devices and this works in gold’s favour. 

Annualised returns of gold and other assets

During times of systemic risk, market participants seek high-quality, liquid assets that preserve capital and minimise losses. This also benefits gold by boosting investment demand and driving up prices. For example, in the Q4 2018 global equity sell-off, the S&P 500 fell 14% and commodities fell 9%, yet gold rose 8%.

Unit of Exchange & Backing

Gold has a long and influential role as a monetary asset. Considered a rare and precious commodity for centuries, gold was the logical choice as a currency anchor and performed this role until the US came off the gold standard in 1971.

In-demand with Central Banks & Governments

While gold no longer plays a direct role in the international monetary system, central banks and governments still hold extensive gold reserves to preserve national wealth and protect against economic instability. Central banks are buying gold at an ever-increasing pace; in 2018 alone they purchased more gold than at any time since the end of the gold standard – and that trend has persisted through the first half of 2019.

Central Bank gold purchases
Global Asset Reserves

Today, gold is the third-largest reserve asset globally, after USD and EUR reserves. Moreover, gold is increasingly used as collateral in financial transactions, much like other high quality, liquid assets such as government debt.

Market Robust and Highly Liquid

The gold market is robust and highly liquid, with all indications that it will stay so.

On the futures market, daily volumes average USD 51 billion, second only to oil 

On the OTC market, estimated volumes are even higher, at around USD 61 billion

There is a thriving physical gold-backed ETF market, with daily volumes averaging USD 1 billion

Overall, average daily trading in the global gold market ranges between USD 100 billion and USD 200 billion a day

High Price and forecast

Gold is currently trading at its highest levels since 2013, at around USD1,500 oz, with the trend forecast to continue, as market participants hedge against fiat-currencies. 

Gold performance 1990-2019

More information on gold and silver’s performance can be found on the World Gold Council website.

storage & transportation

Whilst gold is an effective investment, bullion is by its nature difficult to store and transport. It is heavy and impractical to carry over any distance. Logistics require payment to third parties for storage or transport.


Holding physical gold can also be risky, as it requires high-levels of security, and can make the holder a target. This requires outsourcing storage to a third-party and payment of fees, or additional security.


Buying and selling even small quantities of bullion is impractical without the involvement of third parties due to the above issues. These issues can be somewhat overcome by storing physical gold at a bullion house, but this then attracts ongoing storage and insurance costs - and requires trust that the depository receipt is unique to the holder.


The provenance of gold can also be an issue - where did it initially come from, how many times has it been melted down and reinvented, who has owned it, and who is the current rightful owner? It is very difficult to audit.



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MetalStream Token Overview

MetalStream’s revolutionary MSGLD tokens combine the attractiveness of gold as an asset, with the discount offered by a metal stream contract, and the utility of a security token.

Asset tokenization and issuance of security tokens are the future of capital markets. Digital securities bring innovative opportunities, reduced operational costs, greater access to capital, and increased liquidity. 

Unlike digital currencies and other tokens, MSGLD are securities fully backed by physical gold bullion that we have already acquired under various supply agreements.

The underlying asset value prevents the token value from falling materially below the market spot price for gold, as the holder may redeem tokens for certified bullion as per the terms of issue. 

MetalStream has partnered with Blockchain Labs Asia for the issuance of the MSGLD tokens. Blockchain Labs Asia is a global leader in the creation and issuance of security tokens, having tokenized more than USD 27 billion of assets internationally.

The MSGLD token contracts have been created on the Ethereum Network as an ERC-20 compliant token to the T-REX security token standard, using fully audited code from Tokeny, and are certified by Blockchain Labs Asia.

As T-REX security tokens, MSGLD allows full compliance with securities laws in all relevant jurisdictions, whilst providing the benefits of transparency, decentralisation and immutability. 

The tokens can only be transferred from MetalStream to qualified investors, and can only be transferred from those investors to other parties that have completed KYC/AML checks, after the holding period of 90 days, from the date of issue to the subscriber by MetalStream.

Unlike other companies offering tokens, MetalStream is not attempting to create a new currency that requires market adoption, or sell a potential future utility that requires the creation of a product or service.

The majority of funds raised from the sale of MSGLD tokens go directly into financing the acquisition of bullion for issuance of additional tokens.

The balance of proceeds will be used for operations and to secure new metal streams for the issuance of additional MSGLD. 

Benefits of MSGLD

MetalStream's tokens provide many benefits for the holder over traditional methods of buying and holding gold.

Global Market

As tokenized gold available for purchase globally, MSGLD tokens are inherently more liquid than the physical metal itself.


MSGLD tokens can be traded directly, and are planned to be listed on multiple secondary exchanges, offering 24 hour liquidity for token holders.


MSGLD tokens can be redeemed in lots of 1,000 for a 1 kg gold bar after the minimum holding period of 90 days. 

No Expiry

The MSGLD token holder is granted a perpetual option on gold which can only expire or be cancelled upon delivery of the physical gold against the token. There is therefore no expiry date on the security token itself.


MSGLD tokens are backed by gold stored with an independent custodian. MetalStream will provide publicly available, transparent reports and assessments verifiable via third parties. MetalStream are the first to provide investors with this link as the counterparty for an asset backed digital security token. MSGLD have been assigned an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) of MYA165612B00. 


The MSGLD tokens are certified by Blockchain Labs Asia to be compliant with the Ethereum ERC-20 and T-REX standards, and meet the requirements necessary to be listed as a “Security Token” and “Tokenized Asset”. The source code for the smart contracts can be inspected along with information about the token and holders via Etherscan.

Audit Trail

Aside from having an asset-backing, as T-REX compliant security tokens MSGLD offers inherently greater levels of safety and security to the holder over a utility token or cryptocurrency. Ownership of precious metal via MSGLD is safer than traditional means of ownership, as the blockchain provides an immutable audit trail and proof of ownership, including the physical verification of the gold itself.


If a token holder loses access to their private keys, MetalStream is able to reissue tokens quickly and efficiently. In the unlikely event that the tokens are proven to have been transferred to a third-party as a result of theft or fraud, MetalStream may execute a forced transfer to allow full recovery of the tokens by the rightful owners.


Unlike other metal backed ICO/STOs offering tokens at face value or even a premium, MSGLD tokens are offered to investors at a 10% discount to the current spot price of gold. This represents an immediate return, and an even larger potential future return (on a future gold price of 1.1 per CME gold futures).


Redeemed gold will have a minimum fineness of 99.5% as certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

Holding Costs

Unlike holding physical bullion, MSGLD incur no ongoing storage fees or other costs.

Transactions Costs

As a T-REX compliant token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, the only fees for transfer of MSGLD are the “gas” associated with the transaction (a fee for the validation by the Ethereum network of the transaction and addition of the transaction to the next block). This is typically cents, rather than dollars.

MSGLD Comparison

MSGLD tokens provide many benefits for the holder over traditional methods of buying and holding gold, with a lower risk and cost than other options

Regulated security      
100% physical backing Unclear
Direct ownership of gold    
Third party audit    
Fully insured    
Buy at discount to spot        
No annual fees      
No sale/redemption fees      
24x7 trading    
P2P & exchange traded        
Tight spreads      
Protected from loss        
Easy to buy and trade      
Easy to redeem for gold    
SCORE 100 64 29 29 7

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