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Qualified investors will shortly have the opportunity to purchase MSGLD in our general  public offering. Register now to be informed!

Summary of Upcoming Offer

MetalStream will be offering 5.2 million MSGLD tokens backed by physical gold to qualified investors, per the terms and conditions below. 


T-REX standard compliant token with the symbol MSGLD on the Ethereum network, representing a perpetual option on gold owned by MetalStream via various metal stream agreements. International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) MYA165612B00.

Price & Discount

Each MSGLD costs USD 50.00 and is backed by 1g of gold, a 10% discount to the current spot price of gold.

Number of MSGLD on Offer

The total number of MSGLD issued in this offering is 5.2 million.

Minimum Subscription

The minimum subscription is 50 MSGLD, or USD 2,500.

Payment Methods

Tokens may be purchased with USD, ETH or BTC.

Minimum Holding Period

Tokens purchased under this offer have a minimum holding period of 90 days, enforced via transfer restrictions on the token.

Redemption Rights

Holders of MSGLD are granted the right to redeem their tokens for physical gold, at the rate of 1,000 tokens for 1kg bar of gold bullion, after the minimum holding period. Redeemed gold will have a minimum fineness of 99.5% as certified by the LBMA. On redemption, the option will expire and the MSGLD will be burned.

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