Marudi Metal Stream

Operated by Guyana Goldstrike Inc, the Marudi Gold Project is located in Guyana, in the prolific Guiana Shield, a highly mineralized geological formation in South America.

Guyana Gold Mining

Gold was first discovered in Guyana during the 1850s which started a migration of workers from coastal regions to the interior rivers. The area is now identified as the Guiana Shield which is a 1.7 billion year Precambrian geological formation in northeast South America. 

Guiana Shield's location in South America
Location of Guyana Goldstrike's Marudi Gold Project

The Guiana Shield

The Guiana Shield is a highly mineralised geological formation that stretches over 415,000 square km across South America. Records of near surface gold mining in the Guiana Shield exist as far back as the 16th Century. This region is comparable to the West African Shield.

Guyana Gold Mining Overview

Guyana is an English speaking country in South America with a stable, democratically elected government and a legal system based on British common law, including an established Mining Act.

Gold was discovered in Guyana in the mid 1800s within the riverbeds around Essequibo. Numerous artisanal miners continue to operate across all the countries that host the the Guiana Shield using techniques ranging from the most basic gold panning to more complex ‘open pit’ and underground operations.

Guyana contains one of the most highly prospective, yet under-explored, gold regions in the world. There is strong geological continuity between Guiana Shield and the West African Birimian Greenstone Belt.

In 2016 Guyana produced 21,461 kg of gold worth over USD 1.18 billion at today’s prices. There is an estimated 3.4 million kg of gold in the Guiana Sheild region, which remains relatively unexplored.

The mining and quarrying sector is critical to Guyana’s economy and contributes 15.4% to Guyana’s GDP. Recently there has been renewed international interest in Guyana and its gold mining potential.

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Guyana Goldstrike’s Marudi Gold Project

Guyana Goldstrike completed a maiden NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate Report on the Marudi project in 2018, which shows over 10,740 kg gold. MetalStream has signed a forward purchase agreement with Guyana Goldtsrike for 933.104 kg gold, which will be used to back the issuance of an additional 933,104 MSGLD tokens as it's delivered.

Canadian Listed company

Guyana Goldstrike Inc is a publicly listed company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX.V: GYA). Its primary business is precious metals exploration and mine development.

Backed by Zijin Mining Group

Zijin Mining Group is the largest gold mining company in China, with a USD 18B market cap. Zijin has invested USD 3,000,000 into Guyana Goldstrike in return for a 24% equity stake, via its investment fund.

Strong leadership team

Guyana Goldstrike has a very strong and experienced leadership team, with a wealth of both technical and commercial expertise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Guyana Goldstrike has long recognized the need for extremely strong and pro-active CSR policies, and is committed to managing and operating their sites in a professional manner that is protective of human health, safety, and the environment.


Romanex Guyana Exploration Ltd, applies for conversion of the Prospecting License for the Marudi project to a Mining License.


Mining License (ML1/2009) granted for a twenty-year term with additional 7 year right of renewal.


Diamond drilling at Marudi North Zone (1KM North/Northwest of Mazoa Hill Zone), confirms gold mineralization and supports historic resource estimate of over 2,488 kg gold at this zone.  


Mining License temporarily suspended for lack of activity and reporting by then operator Guyana Frontier Mining Corp.


The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission lifts the license suspension for the new ownership group, Guyana Goldstrike Inc.


Guyana Goldstrike operates at Marudi through Guyanese subsidiary Romanex Guyana Exploration Ltd.


NI 43-101 Technical Report produced, with a Resource Estimate for Mazoa Hill Zone showing indicated 8,059 kg gold at 1.8g/t, and inferred 2,681 kg gold at 1.6 g/t. Zijin Funds, a subsidiary of Zijin Mining Company (the largest gold miner in China), invests USD 3 million in return for a 24% equity stake in Guyana Goldstrike.


Discovery of new mineralized zone, Toucan Ridge, which extends over 1.75 sq km and exhibits excellent potential for adding additional gold oz to the project.


Financing of the Marudi project development through a forward purchase agreement with MetalStream Ltd for 933.104 kg gold. MetalStream will use the gold to back issuance of an additional 933,104 MSGLD tokens as it's delivered.

Multiple Areas of Mineralization

Exploration to date has identified 3 major zones of mineralization; Mazoa Hill, Marudi North, and Toucan Ridge. 85% of the project remains unexplored.


A NI 43-101 Mineral Resource Estimate for Mazoa Hill carried out in 2018 indicates 8,059 kg gold within 4,428,000 tonnes grading 1.8 g/t, and infers 2,681 kg gold within 1,653,000 tonnes grading 1.6 g/t. A historic resource estimate for Marudi North indicates 2,613 kg gold at 1.8 g/t, while drilling in 2012 esimates an additional 622 kg gold. There is new gold discovery at Toucan Ridge with trenching ongoing - and visible gold present in sampling.

License in Good Standing

The project has an 18 year mining license in good standing, with a 7 year extension. The license carries 5% Government Royalty which was “Grandfathered in” from 2003, whilst the current government royalty is 8%. Approval of the Mining License allows for tax free importation of all equipment, supplies, and spare materials to be used in the production of gold and other minerals from the Marudi Property


Existing exploration/mine camp established in the project. All equipment can be transported over a 780 km road from Georgetown city to camp, which is 230 km from town of Lethem. A planned and surveyed airstrip is ready for permitting 3 km from camp. Excellent infrastructure, all-season road network, road access, etc.

 Project Summary

For a more detailed summary of the Marudi project, please refer to the Guyana Goldstrike Website.

 2018 NI 43-101 Report

The full 2018 NI 43-101 Technical Report on the Mazoa Hill zone of the Marudi project is available for download and reference.

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