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Industry News & Views

27 September 2020

Who Is Spoofing Who In JP Morgan’s Record $1 Billion Fine?

Who Is Spoofing Who With JP Morgan’s Record $1 Billion Fine?

Corruption From The Top In The Precious Metals Markets

The recent announcement that JP Morgan Chase & Co. will be paying a record-breaking fine of nearly $1 billion has made headlines around the world, but what does that mean for precious metals? This development is positive as it casts a spotlight on the corruption in our markets but it neglects to address some of the core issues at the root of this deception.

Perhaps we can glean some insight directly from the man whose eponymous corporation is being blamed for this spoofing scandal. John Pierpont Mogan Sr. can always be relied upon for quotes that hint at the true nature of finance and power.

A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason.” — JP Morgan

JP Morgan had a curious life which is still shrouded in controversy. As the son of a banker, he profited handsomely from arms trading during the US civil war while avoiding any fighting by paying a substitute to take his place. During his ascent to power, JP Morgan asserted his company into steel, gold and railroads amid criticism and rumours of corruption. He agreed to fund Nikola Telsa to build a transatlantic wireless communication system that would outperform Marconi’s telegraph in exchange for a 51% control of the patents. When Tesla expanded his plans to include terrestrial wireless power transmission JP Morgan cut his funding.

Many have conjectured that delivering free power to the people went against JP Morgan’s monopolistic perspective. Some researchers have even claimed that JP Morgan was himself only an agent of the Rothschild banking dynasty and intimately connected to the private Federal Reserve bank. As with many of the oligarchs in his time, JP Morgan’s life is riddled with corruption and sets the foundation for the numerous scandals at JP Morgan Chase & Co.

The recent fraud at JP Morgan Chase & Co was “spoofing” the silver markets. Spoofing is a disruptive algorithmic trading activity used to deceive markets. It was made illegal by the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 because it allows big players to manipulate markets for their benefit. JP Morgan Chase & Co has been spoofing the silver markets for years and in one example their traders flooded the derivatives market with orders they had no intention of executing. This artificially pushed prices in the preferred direction for JP Morgan Chase & Co to the detriment of smaller investors. How could this be allowed to happen for so long?

One of the few grains of truth taught in higher business education is the concept of regulatory capture. Although Wikipedia classifies regulatory capture as a theory, it is a real process whereby the government body tasked with regulating an industry becomes captured by the businesses it is supposedly regulating. This corruption happens through revolving doors which transition high ranking officials of the regulator into the companies they are regulating and vice versa. Eventually, the regulator is so deeply aligned with the interests of the businesses it should be regulating that it lobbies on behalf of those businesses. This happens in all major industries and should be illegal.

Both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) have been investigating JP Morgan Chase & Co in connection with spoofing for a number of years. Their spoofing of the silver market was extremely profitable for them at the expense of other stakeholders. It is fascinating to analyse what is actually going to happen to JP Morgan Chase & Co. Bloomberg News is reporting that:

“JP Morgan Chase & Co. is poised to pay close to $1 billion to resolve market manipulation investigations by U.S. authorities into its trading of metals futures and Treasury securities”

The company is paying $1 billion to “resolve” the investigations. This implies that the investigations will be dropped and we are left with more questions than answers. Did JP Morgan Chase & Co. make more than $1 billion from their spoofing schemes? If so then the bank could consider the $1 billion fine a cost of doing business. What were the real losses in the market from this spoofing scam? Why are no employees of JP Morgan Chase & Co going to prison to deter similar scams in the future? Reuters is reporting that this settlement “is not expected to result in any restrictions on the bank’s business”.

So it’s business as usual for JP Morgan Chase & Co. This settlement reminds us of the famous line in George Orwell’s Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” There is one rule book for the financial markets and another for the few big players in the game. This infuriating situation does, however, provide us with valuable insight into the corruption and manipulation that takes place within our markets.

Our commodities markets like our fiat currency systems are manipulated and corrupt. Precious metals have been proven as a hedge against inflation and the collapse of financial systems but we must have access to those metals and be prepared to buy and hold them regardless of what value the markets assign to them. Sadly only a minority of investors will learn this lesson but it is this segment who will hold the advantage when fiat currencies collapse and cease to hold value.

MetalStream is the issuer of the innovative gold-backed MSGLD token. Please visit our website for more information, and contact for enquires related to the purchase of tokens.

Who Is Spoofing Who In JP Morgan’s Record $1 Billion Fine? was originally published in MetalStream on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

20 September 2020

Where Is The Price Of Gold Heading?

Gold’s price is intimately tied to the value of the US dollar.

Gold’s recent record prices have stimulated enormous interest in the gold markets and the price of the precious metal. There are numerous speculators in the marketplace and everybody has an opinion about where the price of gold is heading. It is valuable to listen to a variety of predictions but it’s equally important to keep our intellectual perspective firmly grounded within sound economic knowledge.

The price of gold has risen by an astonishing 30% this year and we saw the price tip over the psychologically important $2,000 mark for the first time during August. These record prices have generated a lot of interest in gold and drawn new investors into the marketplace. The Swiss banking giant UBS recently upgraded it’s forecast for the price of gold to $2,100 an ounce for 2021. Although market fluctuations cause gold’s price to rise and fall in the short term, what will the general trend for gold’s price be in the future?

To identify what might happen to the price of gold it is important not to forget the basic principles of what constitutes a market price. Gold’s price is measured in US dollars so the dollar’s value has a direct impact on the price of gold. The price of gold reflects both the market appetite for the precious metal as well as the value of the dollar in real terms.

The dollar is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. Using the global lockdown as justification the Federal Reserve has created new dollars in unprecedented volumes. The national debt of the United States is racing up by the second and this Debt Clock puts it above $26 trillion. That is over $81,000 for every one of the 330+ million US citizens. It seems incredible that the US population doesn’t demand to know who they owe this money to however, this fascinating topic extends beyond the remit of this article.

When we talk about the Federal Reserve “printing” money, it does not necessarily mean that US dollars are created by printing presses. This happens in some cases but most dollars are created digitally. The Federal Reserve has a monopoly on the right to create US dollars and it’s worth remembering that this is an independent bank. All newly created US currency is based on debt because that currency is lent to the US government at face value and registered as debt.

Inflation is a term which is often discussed but rarely explained. In a fiat currency such as the US dollar, if the volume of currency is increased then it’s real-world purchasing power decreases. A generalized example might be that when the money supply is doubled its real-world purchasing power is halved.

As we have covered in previous articles the purchasing power of the US dollar has decreased by 96% since this latest iteration of the Federal Reserve came into being during 1913. It is reasonable to assert that inflation is a hidden tax upon the dollar savings of the people. G Edward Griffin succinctly describes inflation in this short video.

In response to the global lockdown earlier this year, the Federal Reserve was creating $1 million every second. Such a large amount of newly created money (debt) will inevitably have an inflationary impact on the purchasing power of the US dollar. This means that each dollar will soon be able to purchase less in real-world terms. The effects of inflation are never felt immediately as newly created currency needs to filter down from the Federal Reserve through banks, government departments and institutions until it eventually reaches the people.

In stark contrast to fiat currency, gold cannot be created through accounting tricks. It is estimated that the total above-ground stock of gold is over 197,576 tonnes and that we produce an additional 2,500–3,000 tonnes annually. This limited supply of gold combined with an inflating US dollar means that the price of gold in US dollar terms will continue to rise.

Some large market makers may take action to temporarily halt the rising price of gold for their benefit. However, in the longer term, the price of gold will rise because the real purchasing power of the dollar is falling. If gold were measured against another asset which is not subject to the inflationary forces of fiat currency the situation would be very different. For example, imagine a world where the price of gold was listed in relation to Bitcoin or Uranium.

We at MetalStream believe the price of gold will continue to rise in US dollar terms. It is important to remember that this does not reflect an intrinsic increase in the value of gold but rather a fall in the value of the dollar. We also feel it is important to hold assets such as gold as a hedge against the inflationary nature of fiat currencies. Through our MSGLD gold-backed security tokens MetalStream is trying to make gold ownership accessible to greater numbers of people. The world as we know it is changing but gold will always hold value!

MetalStream is the issuer of the innovative gold-backed MSGLD token. Please visit our website for more information, and contact for enquires related to the purchase of tokens.

Where Is The Price Of Gold Heading? was originally published in MetalStream on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

14 September 2020

The Great Reset & The Death Of Currency — How Will You Survive It?

The Great Reset & The Death Of Currency — How Will You Survive It?

When fiat currencies fail gold will still hold value.

The world is waking up to the fact that our fiat currencies have little to no basis of value. An economic deception has been played against us which has allowed a few to become unimaginably wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. It’s not too far from the truth to say that we live under a form of economic slavery.

The basis for this deception has been the implementation of fiat currency and the corruption afforded those who own the money printing presses. We are starting to hear some of our biggest financiers talking about a “Great Reset” and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What do they mean by this and what does a Great Reset mean for our financial futures?

If we don’t understand these important topics and how they will impact our lives, we are at the mercy of the same system which has stolen so much from us in the first place.

“Gold is money, everything else is credit.” — JP Morgan

JP Morgan knew what he was talking about. You will find commentaries on this insightful statement that discuss gold backing dollars and dollars being derivatives of gold. At MetalStream we see a different truth. Money is created through debt — this is the fiat monetary system. Fiat currency is money which has no real asset to back it. It is created through accounting chicanery and the issuance of debt — or “credit”. This debt is worn by the people.

Almost all currencies today are fiat and in our modern era, we can trace this back to the third and current iteration of the US Federal Reserve in 1913. It is important to mention that this system is much older than 1913. As we have discussed in a previous article this deception can trace its roots back at least to Frankfurt in the 17th Century.

The truth about how money is created and distributed in our societies is never taught at any institution of learning because if the truth became known there would be a revolt overnight. Essentially when money is printed by the Federal Reserve it is immediately classed as a debt. When the US government needs a million dollars the private Federal Reserve bank prints the million in paper currency (or just creates digits on a screen) and lends that money to the government, which represents the people.

It cost the Federal Reserve a tiny amount to print that money but it is entered as debt at the face value of one million. The problem is compounded because they want interest on that money which can never be paid. We often hear figures for the size of the US national debt. This live debt clock currently puts it at almost $27 trillion and it is ever climbing. That represents over $81,000 in debt for every US citizen. The question that is rarely asked is: to whom does the US owe this staggering sum to?

For a fascinating in-depth history of this fraud, you can read G. Edward Grifin’s The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve. You can also watch G. Edward Griffen explaining it in his video here, or watch the excellent series Money Masters by Bill Still. An understanding of this topic is vital to avoid the worst repercussions of what is about to occur.

It is estimated that over 96% of the US dollar’s value has been stolen from the people through inflation during this latest iteration of the Federal Reserve. That means that today’s dollar would be able to purchase only 4 cents worth of goods or services in 1913. As the US dollar is the current global reserve currency this fraud has impacted all the people of the world. Where has all the value gone?

Even more prescient and concerning is that there is no value in the US dollar left to steal. One way or another this fraud must end because the US dollar is worth practically nothing. Its current value is only held in place because the majority of people are not aware of how the Federal Reserve manipulates the fiat US currency.

Things may be about to change…

Some of the biggest financial players in the world are now talking about a Great Reset that we need because of the global lockdown. The World Economic Forum represents the interests of the wealthiest people on the planet. You may be familiar with their opulent meetings each year in Davos, Switzerland and the protests which accompany it. The World Economic Forum in conjunction with the rest of the global banking system is pushing the Great Reset agenda. What does this mean? Do you trust these people?

Beyond all the flowery verbiage espoused by the World Economic Forum many researchers feel that a Great Reset represents a new global currency or a resetting of currency values. This will allow the perpetrators of the economic scam we have all laboured under to get away with their crimes and implement a new economic scam. A good video on this perspective can be watched here. This is being actively pushed upon us now.

When the currencies are reset what will happen to all our savings and our financial future. Our old fiat currencies will not hold any value. The only value that can be taken forward will be in the form of tangible goods such as precious metals. Holding a stock of gold or bitcoin will help ensure that we are able to withstand these changes and maintain a store of value.

If you don’t hold gold before the coming Great Reset you may regret it afterwards.

MetalStream is the issuer of the innovative gold-backed MSGLD token. Please visit our website for more information, and contact for enquires related to the purchase of tokens.

The Great Reset & The Death Of Currency — How Will You Survive It? was originally published in MetalStream on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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